30 December 2013

Павел Глоба: зодиакальный прогноз на 2014 год - Портал Домашний

A famous astrologer Pavel Globa gives a forecast for the year 2014 to help us maneuver among the conflicting currents of fate. How to achieve your goals? On that bet in the next year? Hints in his astrological forecast.

In the period of crisis the main complexity is negative psychological state. Knowing when your life is coming black band, and when the light, you can make plans and maximize their opportunities.

Twelve year old calendar is based on the passage of the signs of the zodiac planet Jupiter. The greatest distribution of this calendar received in Asia. Animals of this calendar, managers years , indicates a person manifests himself in society, among others. Accordingly forecast in the given calendar system are mainly characterizes the external circumstances will face. But obey them, to confront or interact – it’s your choice.

The coming 2014 year by Oriental calendar year Blue (Blue) of the Horse. The element of the year tree, color – blue-green, beginning Yang (active). And in old Persian calendar this year corresponds to Yellow or Golden Rooster. However, the year of the Horse comes in these two calendars only January 31, 2014 1 hour 40 minutes Moscow time on the day of the new moon of Aquarius, and Persian 21 March in day of a spring equinox.

Next year luck will be with people active, hardworking, purposeful and business. In General, those who embodies the best features of the horse. And especially those who are able to work in a team and take responsibility not only for themselves but also for others. In addition, luck is on the side of those who clearly aware of its purpose and is ready to go to that end to end. Also the year of the Rooster is favorable for those who are actively involved in PR, that is screaming for their achievements and that is not afraid of scandals and goes to the end in all their endeavors. That way people will have good luck.  

I want to emphasize especially, that this forecast is addressed only typical representatives of each sign of the zodiac. If you myself don’t feel the answer look for in a personal individual horoscope, which take into account the time and place of your birth.

So, the signs of the element of fire in 2014 in the first place in the rating of the success of the zodiac signs. However, Aries during 2014 will actively fight for their place under the sun. They, however, with honor will come out of this ordeal. And if in the first half of the year they had all sorts of problems will be more than you need, then in the second half of them will find happiness, luck, especially in love and in new business projects. The coming year provides representatives of this sign is the unique opportunity to upgrade their lives, restart and start farther from the higher level.

Typical Lviv in the coming year, waiting for serious problem of the choice that they have to do sometime in may-June. In addition, they might be deceived, and serious business partners, but the end of the year will exceed all their expectations. And because changes fear not need next year for them. Difficulties in life Lviv bring mostly desire to Shine and boast. Yes, there is something, but it is too early.

Sagittarius the coming year will bring a lot of other surprises, but mostly happy. The desire to start a new life (up to a decisive break with the former) in many respects, of course, be adventurous, but will give the possibility to feel themselves masters of the situation. It is important not to play too long, so as not to go beyond the limits which are not allowed under any circumstances. In the second half of the year, all the events will be like themselves, will only need to learn to manage them. Love all be going well. Especially for young Streltsov that next year may marry or marry. Moreover, in the last part of the year, before their birthday.

Second place in the rating of the success of next year occupy typical representatives of the signs of the element of water, that is, Cancers, Scorpions and Fish.

Cancers the whole year there is a lot of work, especially in the first half. But they will be richly rewarded with destiny. Their success in love, especially in the adventures and escapades, but it’s important to be restrained, careful not to show some weakness and immaturity character, sometimes inherent to them. Also Cancers ahead of travel, including in distant countries. It is in the middle of the year, and at the end of the year they are waiting for a well-deserved awards, success and recognition, and the people that they absolutely do not expect.

Scorpions waiting for a dual very difficult year. Something even have to temper their requests and to tighten their belts. But if the first half of the year for them will emerge hard and not very well in the second half they could turn the tide in their favor. The rhythm of life will accelerate, increase intuition, and finally, will succeed in business relations, signing of important contracts and proposals, from which they Scorpions, will hardly refuse.

Typical Fish in the coming year can receive the long-awaited happiness in love and marriage, if it were not, however, it may be fleeting. Much this year, they will fascinate to disappoint later, especially in the first half of the year. But the truth is, their rose-colored glasses will fall somewhere in may-July, and the last part of the year will be more connected with their professional growth and career rise.  

The third place in the ranking of the success of the 2014 occupy typical representatives of the signs of the air element: Gemini, Scales and Aquarians.

Gemini next year will be very vary greatly in choosing life decisions. They will change partners, and generally doubt the correctness of the chosen path. Passionate temperament and a variety of Hobbies is manifested in everything. However, a year promises fortune in financial matters. For serious investment is preferable to the second half of next year, especially in October. Lucky representatives of this sign and in love. In the end, Twins all resolved better than they would expect.

Scales next year can make a major mistake in the work or in business projects, which will have to pay the whole of the first half of the year. However, common sense, and the ability to properly resolve the serious problems, help them to cope with any difficulties and they may count on success in the society, and career growth. February and June are the best in the upcoming year months for forging long-term relationships. Scales luck and happy case, they should certainly take advantage soon after birth.

Aquarius in 2014 will be a lot of hard work, even to work during the summer-autumn, and then at the end of the year they will receive full compensation in the professional field and in money matters. In General the coming year for them – year creative realization, and all efforts should be made to say: «Yes, I did everything I could.» So just need to pay attention to health and relationships with people, especially immediately after birth. But Aquarius stars promise good luck amorous.

But the most problematic of zodiac signs in 2014 may turn out to be typical representatives of the signs on the earth, namely, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

In any case Taurus not to believe empty promises and to act only follow the voice of your intuition. This primarily concerns partnerships. Very much in their life would depend on the case, and need to be particularly cautious in may and November. For business activity and concluding long-term contracts are the most favorable July, September, January and March. And we should not forget that in their case the aim is not to justify the means, rather, only those matching funds to help Taurus to reach the goal.

Virgos in next year we must beware of the aggravation of relations with management. Despite all efforts to show their best qualities: accuracy and diligence, they may be underestimated. However, there will their increased intuition. The second half of the year would present a more calm and stable, material things go up the hill. In General, in terms of society, Virgin rather take the position of the observer and will not be nothing to interfere. And in individual cases, on the contrary develop activity, reaching outstanding success in demonstrating their talents, and will be able to use it and not only answer questions that disturb them, but will understand all the root cause.

Capricorn to defend its case, some even in court. Word of the year will for them is filled with struggle and risk. Difficult it would be, and in relations with the relatives. April, July and October for them months are most acute situations as people contact, and on the road. Events will unfold so rapidly that even socks. Relax not have the chance to, but wouldn’t that long-sought Capricorns? It’s much more interesting when life boils and a durability test. In the second half of the year, they will be added to the dedication and rigidity, and the life will bring well-deserved benefits.

And in conclusion I would like to remind all representatives of the zodiacal circle, that we have the freedom of choice and all of the above is only a forecast, and its fate after all we create ourselves. Happy New year and good luck in 2014!

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