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Olympic figure skating champion Anton Sikharulidze was celibate. Athlete suddenly divorced daughter of a Russian billionaire Leonid Lebedev.

Anton Sikharulidze divorced with Yana Lebedeva. Their marriage lasted for only 2 years.

What caused the breakup of the 36-year Sikharulidze and 26-year-old Lebedeva – not reported. «They both lovers to put his personal life out, therefore, and do not comment on his break. To say that this divorce has become a shock for all of us, is to say nothing! They loved each other, that believe that Anton and Yana took this difficult decision is very difficult.

Fortunately, they parted in a civilized way, without scandals. The decision on divorce was a joint. And they did a great job, that even after the gap kept warm, friendly relations», – quotes the words of the friends of ex-spouses the newspaper «Komsomolskaya Pravda».

Note that Anton has never had a lengthy novels. The strong relations the athlete had a longstanding partner Elena Berezhnaya.

Recall that Sikharulidze and Lebedev were married in August 2011. After a few months of Jan and Anton played lush wedding in Barcelona.


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